General Feedback

Le Gnoc Son (Vietnam) 26.2.2913: As a political journalist, I think this forum is so useful for me and my workmates.
Prof. Benjamin Reilly (Australian National University) 25.11.2012 To: Wolfgang Dr. Sachsenroeder: “This looks like a great initiative. There is really very little cross-regional discussions of party issues outside the forums provided by the democracy assistance orgs, so this should really fill a gap I would think.”
Carolyn Hong (Straits Times Bureau Chief Kuala Lumpur): “Your plans for a neutral
web-based political discussions will be a breath of fresh air, I
think, especially for Malaysians as political debate here has become
exceedingly polarised and partisan.” 18.12.2012
Ass. Prof. Paige Tan (University of North Carolina, Wilmington) 26.11.2012
“I think the website will really help to create a community.”

2 thoughts on “General Feedback

  1. Looking forward to read your latest book “Power Broking in the Shade, Party Finances and Money Politics in Southeast Asia”
    Are you based in Singapore? If so is it possible to meet for coffee? I am currently in Vietnam as Head of Research for a local financial institution but will be in Singapore in a few days. Thank you, Bernard Lapointe

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