16 November 2012:   PAS Convention in Kelantan

18 November 2012    PAS Convention day 2: Muslim credentials and PAS in Pakatan

20 November 2012  Are members the backbone of PAS’ election campaigns?

24 November 2012   Malaysia: Reforms in UMNO and the upcoming election

29 November 2012  UMNO assembly before the election: Frightened to lose?

29 November 2012   Malaysia: “Islamist” as prime Minister?

2 December 2012   UMNO and BN only weak by infighting?

13 December 2012   DAP Party Convention and internal elections in Penang

17 December 2012  “Chinese” DAP: Malay candidates not successful
Partyforumseasia: Efforts of the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat and the DAP to overcome the racial dividing lines in Malaysia’s party system have met with considerable difficulties. The Malay candidates in the “Chinese” DAP were not successful in the party elections but two were coopted into the CEC.


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