Human Rights Party (HRP)


Defunct:  Merged with Sam Rainsy Party on 17 July 2012!

Link: HRP Homepage

HRP mandates
HRP on Wikipedia

Wikipedia highlights the exceptionally (in the Southeast Asian and Cambodian context) open and democratic structure of the party: “Human Rights Party is the first party in Cambodia to adopt the check and balance system, changing the culture of one-man-ruling parties, which most parties in Cambodia adopt. It is also the first party in Cambodia to have its major leaders elected in its convention. Its popularity has been dramatically increasing in Cambodia, especially in the countryside.”

For the outside observer this is being confirmed on the French version of HRP’s Homepage, where policies and structure are published.

Partyforumseasia: The Human Rights Party, founded in 2007, is the youngest party in Cambodia. Its founder and elected leader is Kem Sokha, a Human Rights advocate and activist with quite a long history in Cambodian politics. He served among other positions as deputy secretary general and senator of Funcinpec, and secretary general of the former Buddhist Liberal Democratic Party. What made him popular was his leading role in building the Human Rights movement in the country. Most of the other leading personalities in the party have been politically active before in the Buddhist Liberal Democratic Party or its later splinter, the Son Sann Party, and follow their basic liberal orientation. But the Human Rights activities and practical interventions against the widespread violations make the party especially attractive to considerably large numbers of the affected vulnerable sectors in the poor urban and especially in the rural areas, where about 75% of the population are subsistence farmers.

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