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Useful Literature on Political Parties and Party Politics in Southeast Asia:

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Alagappa, Muthiah, Political Legitimacy in Southeast Asia, Stanford, 1995

Carothers, Thomas,  ‘Confronting the Weakest Link: Aiding Political Parties in New Democracies, 2006.

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Taylor, R.H., The Politics of Elections in Southeast Asia, Cambridge 1996

Wang, Gungwu, Party and Nation in Southeast Asia, in: Millennial Asia, Vol.1, Nr. 1, Jan-June 2010, pp 41-57 Partyforumseasia: In this interesting historical perspective of party formation in Southeast Asia, Wang argues that the quasi absence of nation states in 1945 and the following necessity of nation building has created parties that had to improvise for survival and that “none resembles the classic parties of the West.” (p.54)

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