Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

SDP by SDP (=SDP Homepage)

Partyforumseasia: The Singapore Democratic Party was founded in 1980 by lawyer Chiam See Tong (MP from 1984 to 2011 as the longest serving opposition member). In 1996 he left the SDP and joined the Singapore People’s Party.

Successor and long term leader Chee Soon Juan was engaged for most of his tenure in legal battles with the Singapore government with defamation suits, bankruptcy, and several prison terms for violation of the strict rules on demonstrations and the like. Since 20 November 2012 his bankruptcy has been annulled, so he can run for elections again.
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Quite comprehensive information: The SDP on Wikipedia

…”The party is governed by the Central Executive Committee (CEC), members of which are elected by a body of cadres. This is done at the Ordinary Party Conference convened once every two years where 12 members are elected. The CEC has the power to co-opt up to six members into its ranks. It is responsible for the overall management of the party, taking care of anything and everything…” Source: The Singapore Democrats, 30 years of democratic service, 2010 (no page numbers)

New literature: For the most recent analysis of the SDP see: da Cunha, Derek, Breakthrough – Roadmap for Singapore’s Political Future, Singapore 2012

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