Malaysian Political Parties: Facts and Figures

Partyforumseasia: The 5 May election (GE13) is bringing up some figures which are not easily to be found otherwise, like membership in the main parties. Let’s hope that they are more or less reliable. The crux is that the parties themselves tend to exaggerate them, but often are not very sure about them. Since membership fees are just symbolical and payment not enforced, the membership lists tend to be inaccurate. Nevertheless, Partyforumseasia will try to collect and compare what is available. Here are some fresh figures from the Malaysia correspondents of Singapore’s Straits Times (17 May 2013), which follows events in the big neighboring country closely.

Among the 13 component parties of Barisan Nasional:

United Malays National Organization (UMNO)      3.5 million members
Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA)                   1.3 million members
Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC)                             .7 million members

Partyforumseasia would be grateful for any additional information. Please contact us if you have information!

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