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23 November 2012:
PAP prepares for biennial party conference on December 2
Normally, there is not too much information about internal activities of the PAP in Singapore. Here is some insight into engagement of the membership in preparation for the biennial party conference on Dec.2.

24 November 2012:
Opposition veteran Chee back on political scene after bankruptcy ends?
Partyforumseasia: No comment

1 December 2012:
Singapore: PAP beefs up ground engagement
Partyforumseasia: Correct strategy

3 December 2012:
Singapore: PAP elects new CEC
Partyforumseasia:  In the past the PAP has been described as a secretive cadre-style party, keeping its internal developments mostly in the dark. Here is a rather public glimpse into the election of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) by the “close to 2000″ party cadres.

8 December 2012:
Singapore’s Workers’Party on stage
Partyforumseasia: A very innovative idea for the promotion of a political party? Let’s see what the response on 6 January 2013 will be.


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