Malaysia’s GE13: Barisan starts campaign by feeding 60.000 potential voters…

Partyforumseasia: As Partyforumseasia had already assumed, this campaign will be the most expensive ever, and money does not seem to be a problem. When Jesus fed the 5000 it was considered to be a miracle. BN can easily feed 12 times that many with shark’s fin soup and silver pomfret, payed for by rich supporters, “Chinese tycoons” who might have a stake in BN’s grip on power… Source / Link: Straits Times 21 April 2013











Partyforumsseasia: But BN and PR have a couple of problems with their dropped candidate hopefuls after nomination day. Since a certain amount of self-confidence if not narcissism is involved if people run for public office, disappointment is great for the ones who are being dropped without being tested at least by an election within the party. This is the risky side of appointments by the party leadership, and, no surprise, many of these have registered as independent candidates:
Source / Link The Malaysian Insider 21 April 2013




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