Leaders and Lovers: The “Alpha Male” in Politics

Partyforumseasia: In several European countries it is sometimes not easy to find candidates willing to step forward and expose themselves and their families to the public scrutiny and attention which come with a mandate. The material rewards are simply not attractive enough since any increase in politician’s salaries creates a storm in the media and the public. With the low image of politicians in many countries world-wide one wonders what motivates men and women to run. There is certainly a percentage of people with a sense of duty and mission to serve their country or community, even at a high price in terms of time and privacy. Estrada
In many parts of Southeast Asia politics is business in big style and the financial spoils of power justify the high stakes in ferocious power struggles. Another group is eaten up by ambition, they often come from a political family and go for status and recognition. Getting used to some privileges can create a certain addiction because they are being taken for granted after a while in office. When Churchill was asked what he missed most after being voted out as prime minister, his famous laconic answer was “transportation”… Everybody who has been closely watching elections could see the extremely emotional tension of incumbents and new candidates. A more or less narcissistic element is all too obvious in these existential situations: Do I get enough respect and recognition? Do the people love me?
Some politicians seem to exaggerate this urge to be loved, though. Since status and power are obviously increasing erotic attractiveness, admiration and sex may be another reward which compensates the sacrifices. Political history is full of examples, up to orgasmic mass hysteria when idolized leaders mesmerize crowds. And in many societies macho leaders easily get away with constant affairs, from John F. Kennedy or Mao Tse Dong and Silvio Berlusconi to certain prominent leaders in Southeast Asia.
Alpha male 5Though it is also a question of compliance of the media, whether personal affairs are being exempted from public scrutiny or not, the Philippines seem to be the regional champion in infidelity. Former president Joseph Estrada, now mayor of Manila,  admitted to have fathered at least eleven children with six different women. And former senator Ramon Revilla was proud of his 72 (!!) children with 16 women. “Alpha male” types of politicians with their natural leadership impact on fellow males seem to be extremely attractive for certain women, and their known infidelities obviously don’t affect their credibility as lovers and leaders alike.

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