People’s Action Party (PAP)

Partyforumseasia: Formed in 1954, the PAP is the ruling party in Singapore since 1959, all the time with overwhelming absolute majorities. Since the GE 2011 the PAP still commands an absolute majority with 81 out of 87 constituency elected seats. With Nominated MPs and Non Constituency MPs (given to the best losers from the opposition) the Parliament actually has 99 members.

PAP by PAP see:  Homepage of the People’s Action Party
Party Pledge:
“We, the members of the PAP, pledge ourselves to build a strong united Party, to create a
vibrant, just and equal society, through achieving excellence by all, so that every citizen, regardless of race, language or    religion, can enjoy a full and happy life.”

The PAP on Wikipedia
Basic information including history and election results since 1955.

Partyforumseasia:  Regional cooperation of political parties
(see blogpost 30.11.2012)

December 2012:  Central Executive Committee (CEC) Election Results:
Source: Straits Times, 15.12.2012



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