Indonesia’s Democratic Party: Doomed without SBY?

Partyforumseasia: The dramatic exit of Anas Urbaningrum as chairman of the Democratic Party under suspicion of corruption might ring in the end or at least the end of its lead in the Indonesian political landscape. The party which owed so much of its electoral success to the popularity of president Yudhoyono (SBY) and is widely seen as “the president’s party”, is down to only 8% in recent polls, far down from its 21% in 2009. Since SBY cannot run again in 2014 after ending his second term, the party suffers badly from corruption allegations and lack of clear leadership alternatives. The situation could get even worse if Anas came up with more dirty linen from inside the leadership as he vaguely threatens.
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1 thought on “Indonesia’s Democratic Party: Doomed without SBY?

  1. There are many prosecutions for corruption in Indonesia. From politicians to Judges, the Indonesian government has brought many to justice. Of course, there are lots more to done but one cannot help thinking that Indonesia is doing more to stamp out corruption than Malaysia. Nearly, half or more of the Malaysian cabinet is implicated in scandals of corruptions running into millions of dollars with impunity.

    Recent confessions by the former PM of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamed admitting allowing illegal immigrants to vote as a policy to win the elections has seen no further action by the Attorney general.

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