Malaysia: BN or PR – who has more goodies to offer?

Partyforumseasia: The elections approaching, the BN governments’ coffers are already wide open. From cash payouts for citizens to rosy future promises, the ruling coalition seemed hard to beat. But mind you, the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat is not shy of promises either. The just published election manifesto has good news for every Malaysian as well. And from a strategic point of view this move is logical and correct. If the competitor promises more cash you can’t preach austerity, even if the financial forecast would urge you to be cautious…

PR ManifestoSource: Straits Times, Singapore, 26.2.2013


2 thoughts on “Malaysia: BN or PR – who has more goodies to offer?

  1. There is absolutely nothing Malaysian want more than plurality in government.

    Let clear something-there is no BN or PR. There is UMNO (defacto runs Malaysia) and PR.

    The BN-UMNO team has been around since independence (1957) and works collectively today for the benefit of them. There is no separation of powers, corruption has engulfed Malaysian society-every democratic institution is tainted, no transparency, nepotism-all the diseases of a “collective dictatorship” are present. There has been no prosecution for many cases of crimes committed by politicians. Even a former PM’s confession of using illegal immigrants to win elections enjoys impunity.

    To make things worse, to walk around Malaysia streets is dangerous, I am told. In Petaling Jaya the rate of crime has sky-rocketed!

    What has astounded many Malays is the decline in the quality of life for Bumiputras. Today in Malaysia, as in all other countries with affirmative policies (a time frame to end is not set), the benefit becomes a right! Over time, within the Bumiputra population, new categories were formed as in George Oswald’s, Animal Farm. There are now some Bumiputras who are entitled to more perks than other Bumiputras. This has caused a class war within the Malay population that is dead against the BN-UMNO government.

    Today, a Bumiputra has to compete with a Bumiputra Minister for even a taxi license!!!
    Malaysians ( all races know) that Najib has lost favor of Mahathir Mohamed ( the real power) and if BN-UMNO wins the country will go to the dogs! Things will remain the same. The majority of Malaysians either hope for a very strong opposition who will make changes or better still take over the government and bring to justice all the rogues and their predecessors who has turned Malaysia into a failing state. Of course, everyone is aware of the UMNO tactics of triggering racial riots-as was done in 1969 to nullify an opposition victory-this time around it won’t be the same.

    Finally, nothing that BN-UMNO can offer will attract Malaysian of all denominations!

    • Partyforumseasia’s focus is on how political parties work on the ground, how they organize themselves, how much say members have etc.
      SO: could we find out more about the BN component parties? How much space to they have in the BN and how much influence, or, seen from the UMNO side: How much do they depend on UMNO’s support?
      Manikavasagam, could you elaborate on that? Thanks in advance!

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