Megawati Sukarnoputri continues to dominate Indonesias’s PDI-P

Partyforumseasia: When Mrs. Megawati was Vice-President of Indonesia between 1999 and 2001, the visually handicapped President Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur was describing the two as: “We’re the best team, I can’t see and she can’t speak.” She may not be an exciting public speaker, but the political influence of the daughter of Indonesia’s founding President Sukarno is absolutely remarkable. Last Thursday, August 8th, she was re-elected as chair of her PDI-P party by acclamation, even before her accountability speech for the last five years of her already 20 years of leadership. And she also denied the rumors that, due to her age of 72, she would hand over her day-to-day duties to daughter Puan Maharani and son Prananda Prabowo. Chairing the party since 1999, Megawati, or Mega, in short, is a constant factor in the country’s democratic journey since the end of the autocratic Suharto era in 1998.
Megawati’s authority in the party is unchallenged. The delegates at the national party congress in Bali, representing 34 provinces and more than 500 regencies and cities, as well as the central board leaders, were far from changing their ” winning horse”. With 109 MPs and 19.3 % of the 140 million eligible voters, PDI-P is not only the biggest party in the Indonesian Parliament but has also successfully supported the re-election of President Joko Widodo.

As it happens often enough, a ruling party attracts more and more support and the willingness of smaller parties to join in as coalition partners. For a long time after President Jokowi’s victory in the April 2019 election, his losing challenger, former general Prabowo, had protested against the results because he alleged massive fraud. So, Prabowo’s participation in the Bali PDI-P convention is a possible landmark for reconciliation, maybe even for entry of his Gerindra party into the ruling coalition. Mrs. Megawati may not be a fiery public speaker but obviously a convincing mediator at the end, which certainly is a blessing for the political stability and further democratic development of Indonesia.

3 thoughts on “Megawati Sukarnoputri continues to dominate Indonesias’s PDI-P

    • I think I would be carefull with such statement ?
      After the experience in the past with military generals in Indonesia ?
      To be honest I don’t think that this is a good idea ?

  1. I think the Indonesian people can be proud and happy to have a leader in the background like Mrs Megawati Soekarno Putri !
    In Mai or June in 1998, I didn’t remember the exact date, when I met Mega the first time in Jakarta, at the height of tensions between the democratic movement, whom I supported with different things and the Suharto regime ?
    Mega show that she is courageous and brave to standing up against the Suharto regime !
    I think sometimes a constant and strong power in the background, for the struggle of the Indonesian people for democracy, is more effective and efficient than 1000 words who have no meaning, and are often lies when come from the mouth of a politician ?
    Also I think the Indonesian people can be happy to have Mr Joko Widodo as President !
    He show already, in my eyes, in the past years that he is really willing to change something for good in Indonesia with his hugh infrastructure projects and also other positiv initiatives for Indonesia ?
    I think not only Indonesia needs courageous and brave leaders like Mrs Megawati Soekarno Putri and Mr Joko Widodo ?
    The whole world needs now wise and brave leaders I think ?
    Especially at this critical point in time of the human race worldwide in general ?
    Hugh challenges are infront us all, climate change, pollution, nuclear threat, overpopulation ?
    It’s now in our hands what will happen to our kids and grandkids and further generations ?
    And I hope that the human race will find the strength to survive ?
    I know my words sound not nice, regarding the future of human race ?
    But I think, and not only me think, that we are exactly at this point right now ?

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