A Creative Internet Election Campaign

The Pheu Thai Party is leading in the polls and wants a landslide victory
Today in The Nation (https://www.nationthailand.com/thailand/politics/40027020)
One million views and 12,400 retweets within the first 12 hours!!!

The Pheu Thai Party released a new marketing ploy: A poster linking each of the 44 letters of the Thai alphabet with one of its attention-grabbing campaign pledges.

A tweet with a link to the alphabet poster received about 1 million views within 12 hours.

The alphabet-campaign poster was uploaded on Pheu Thai’s Facebook page at 8pm on Wednesday, followed by a tweet embedding a link to the Facebook post.

The alphabet-campaign poster mimics the ones used to teach the Thai alphabet to children, but uses rhymes for key campaign pledges.

Pheu Thai uses the first letter of the alphabet, “Kor Kai”, to spell out “Kasettakorn” (“farmers”) and follows with its promise to give them a three-year debt moratorium.

Pheu Thai’s rhyming ‘alphabet campaign’ goes viral“Khor Khwai”, the third letter of the alphabet, is rhymed with “Kha Raeng” (“wage”). It is followed by Pheu Thai’s promise to raise the daily minimum wage to 600 baht.

“Chor Chang”, the seventh letter, is rhymed with “Charttiphan” (“ethnic minorities”) and explains that they will be given Thai citizenship.

The tweet was retweeted 12,400 within 12 hours, while the Instagram photo of the poster received more than 3,100 likes.

As of Thursday afternoon, the Facebook post received over 9,600 likes and was shared 1,700 times. It received more than 420 comments.

Pheu Thai is by far the frontrunner for the May 14 election, according to national opinion polls. It leaves every other party, except Move Forward, in the dust.