Timor Leste: The Most Democratic Country in Southeast Asia?

Partyforumseasia: In the Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index 2012 (an excerpt for Southeast Asia attached) Timor Leste tops the regional neighbors’ ranking as no.43 with Indonesia following as no.53 and Laos at the low end as no.156. As all these rankings are debatable, Partyforumseasia would lift Singapore to the flawed and downgrade Cambodia to the authoritarian category.
Anyway, the good ranking of Timor Leste deserves attention and applause.
Economist SEA DEmocracy Index

But the splintered party scene in Timor Leste may deserve more attention and research. Contributions from scholars outside and political analysts from inside Timor Leste would be most welcome on Partyforumseasia!
Timor Leste parties (Wikipedia)Source: Wikipedia

Election Results 2012:

Timor Leste Election Results 2012 (Wikimedia)

Source: Wikimedia