Singapore: PAP elects new CEC

Partyforumseasia:  In the past the PAP has been described as a secretive cadre-style party, keeping its internal developments mostly in the dark. Here is a rather public glimpse into the election of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) by the “close to 2000” party cadres. Straits Times, 3 December 2012


Malaysia: “Islamist” as prime Minister?
Partyforumseasia: What if PAS leader becomes premier?”
asks Dr. Farish M. Noor, the leading expert on the Malaysian Muslim Party PAS, in today’s Straits Times. The discussion is on why PAS as the probably strongest party in the Pakatan Rakyat opposition coalition should leave the premiership to Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of the smaller People’s Justice Party PKR. He was assumed to be the next premier in case the Pakatan manages to replace the UMNO-led ruling coalition in the upcoming elections. Only Anwar, many thought, would balance the Pakatan, which looks united more in its opposition against the Barisan Nasional than in its individual programs and aspirations. The topic is potentially rather hot because an “Islamist” as PM may be difficult to accept for the Chinese dominated DAP.